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Dec 7, 2013 12:30am PST
not to subsidize all these private businesses. axd income tax forcing businesses to payi]lp t own workers. >> do you agree? obviously you do. >> i think that'sc absolutely right.xd wefá -- where we're seeing, as mentioned earlier, where we're seeing the growth in the economo is in n these low-wage sectors. we've seen a decline inç middle-class jobs in the country. if we we need to do something to raise the bottom, get more consumer demand back in the economy, deal with some of the issue of qualiti. to do that, we've got raise the floor. and this combination of publice policies like minimum wage laws, organizing, we're seeing in consumer pressure, all can come together to begin to do that. >> okay. very interesting, and much more debate to come in the new year, i'm sure, with congressional calls, as well, for a federal minimum wage hike. soe1i] i want to thank you both being here. ken jacobs and ron unz, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >>> the bay area has long been known as an incubator ofxd innovation. one epicenterkÑf that creativity of stanford, alsoÑi knowne1 as th
Dec 7, 2013 5:00am PST
a tax reform bill passed tomorrow, if an immigration bill passed tomorrow, that's tens of billions of dollars in consulting, lobbying, messaging fees that are not going to be paid out. >> let's take one example. april 20th, 2010, the deepwater horizon oil well, oil rig, explodes in the gulf of mexico. 11 people killed, the largest marine spill in the history of the industry. oil gushes onto the seafloor for at least 84 days. you, leibovich, look at that crude oil flowing into the gulf, and you see an equally large flow of cash spreading across washington, covering our nation's capital to, as you say, "manage the crisis." now, tell us how they set about to manage that crisis. >> so, bp is in this whole heap of trouble, okay? they have this disaster that they are pegged with. the president looks powerless. i mean, what are you going to do? you have this awful calamity taking place. systematically bp is spending tens of millions of dollars to basically tie up the most prominent washington democratic and republican lobbyists, media consultants, ad people, to where you had an all-star r
Dec 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
that it doesn't add to the deficit by some revenue increases, though not taxes and some entitlement cuts, though in the medicare and social security. it's a modest deal but lawmakers hope they can announce it by the end of the week, enact it next week and avoid a government shutdown in january. >> who are winners and losers to the extent we know what stays and goes and maybe more pointly, what does this mean for those looming deadlines the government shutdown number which was i think middle of january and then the debt ceiling debate, which resurfaces then again, i think, right around the super bowl? >> tyler, it means both that the debt ceiling increase and the government funding are likely to occur as scheduled, avoid a crisis like we had. lawmakers don't have much appetite for that, especially going into an election year. so in that sense, it's good news for the entire country. in terms of losers, the kinds of fees they are talking about and again, we don't have a final deal are things like higher airline ticket fees, the president had those in the budget. when you look at the bu
Dec 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
about the collections for sales taxes. in a big review, the high court will not review the suit brought by and which urges that by wednesday they have the requirement to collect sales taxes even though the sellers are not located in those states. >>> and meanwhile, and founder revealed in a 60 minutes interview revealed the biggest retailer is working on a drone delivery service that he says could be up and running in five years. more on the jetson's like idea, and the hurdles it faces. amon, could this plan ever really get off the ground? >> i see what you did there, tyler, look, these things will not fly an inch if the faa doesn't say they can do it. and right now, there is just not the regulatory infrastructure in place to allow a swarm of drones flying over residential and commercial areas of the united states. it is just not possible. but congress has told them to get ready for it and to have the regulations in place by 2015. a lot of experts say the faa will not likely hit the deadline, it will take time to work this all out. among all the thin
Dec 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
fighting. we're not talking about the deal that hits taxes and medicare and social security, but you're hearing talk the $90 billion deal they talked about last week may shrink down as low as it could. they're looking at significant deficit reduction or whether it will simply be re-shuffling money from the sequester cuts which members of both parties don't like, to cuts they like better. >>> is the doing away with this blunting the effects of the mandatory budget cuts under the sequester, that i gather in different ways in different programs, both parties would actually like to see happen. >> yes, that is the bulk of the deal, tyler. it would lift the caps for defense spending which a lot of republicans, some democrats don't like. and would also lift the caps somewhat on domestic programs. again, they're mostly democrats but also some republicans think that it squeezed the domestic spending too hard. that is the motivation for the deal. as you have a small stakes deal, members with particular constituent pressures under fire in that deal are resisting like members from the washington ar
Dec 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
agency s issuing tax refunds and unemployment benefits. >>> still ahead, will twitter's big plan to make more money pay off for shareholders, or will this add strategy potentially backfire? >>> the biggest decliner in the dow today, microsoft. invest tors dumped shares on hearing that alan the ceo of ford may not take the wheel. there is intense speculation he will step into the job after the contract at ford ends in 2014. here is how he answered to phil lebeau about taking the top job. >> i'm honored to serve ford and we have no change in the plan. >> reporter: i understand that but you didn't answer my question. have you been approached? >> i did answer your question. i'm honored to serve ford and we don't comment on speculation. >> shares of microsoft fell nearly 2.5%. >>> shares of twitter went the other way today, rising almost 4.5% after announcing adds targeting tools designed to give its advertisers a boost and prove to investors it can make more money. julia boorstin has the story. >> reporter: twitter's newest advertising tool targets users based not on what they tweet abo
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)